Rental Property Invoice Template

Whenever a landlord rents his/her property to a tenant, then he/she must frame a rental property invoice every month  in order to request the tenant to make the payment and also inform him/her about the due monthly charge which is a total of monthly rental, late fee, extra charges, service charges, maintenance costs etc. A rental property invoice is a bill which states the full amount with taxes and other details and also lists the last date of payment to avoid late fee. A rental property invoice template on the other hand is a pre-written bill form which can be filled in by the landlord as per his/her needs and specifications.

A rental property invoice template is a ready to use bill which only needs a few additions and modifications. These templates are extremely customizable and can help many landlords save their time. These are mostly used in that case where the landlord is unwilling to frame a bill from scratch and needs something which can be readily and easily used to state the amount. There are many types and varieties of rental property invoice templates available online which can be downloaded or purchased by landlords or property owners.

Sample Rental Property Invoice Template:


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