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A research schedule template is the basic framework on which the structure of a research schedule is created. A research is a long process which involves many stages from conception to completion. Hence, there must be a schedule for these different stages so that they are completed within a time frame and do not over exceed the budget. A research schedule template guides one to arrange all these elements in a systematic manner and accordingly allot a time period for them. This way, the researcher can keep track of all the activities and also let others know in which phase of research he is at a specific point.

You can Download the Free Release Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Release Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Research Schedule Template:

Research Schedule Template

Download Research Schedule Template

Title of research project: [Insert name or title of research project]

Name of organisation: [Insert name of organisation or educational institute]

Address: [Insert address and other contact details of organisation]

Name of researcher: [Insert name of person conducting the research]

Name of guide: [Insert name of supervisor or guide, if any]

Purpose: [Insert objective or goal of research]

Research schedule details

Stage [Give name of different stages of research like collection of data, tabulation, writing the project etc] Date [Insert date when this stage was started] Description [Give a description of this stage] Tasks [Describe all the things to do at this stage] Deadline [Mention the date by which the particular stage must be completed]

 Deadline: [Mention date within which you plan to complete the research]

Review of results of different stages: [Insert review of different processes, demonstrations and presentations of research]

Additional comments: [Insert any additional comments related to the research schedule]

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