Retirement Party Invitation Template

When a person after working in a company for a number of years decides to leave the company as he is too old to work, it is known as retirement. Retirement is an occasion when your colleagues and boss show their love and gratitude by arranging for a retirement party and it is also a way by which they appreciate your hard work in the company. Thus, a retirement party invitation is necessary to invite guests and make the presence of your colleagues felt.

Retirement from ones job marks the end of an era of life and end of the hard work one puts in to his/ her work. This is thus a celebratory event which many mark by throwing a party. The retirement invitation party template serves just the same purpose as the invitation sent to the guests inviting them to join the celebrations. The template describes the details of the party like date, time, and venue in a properly formatted form.

“You can Download the Free Retirement Party Invitation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Retirement Party Invitation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Retirement Party Invitation Template:

Retirement Party Invitation Template

Download Retirement Party Invitation Template

___________ [Name of the individual retiring] is leaving us for a life filled with holidays three hundred and sixty five days a year and complete dedication to spending time with his family. Join us in his honor on the moment of his retirement on ________ [date] at ________ [time] at _________ [venue address].

Let us all gather together and pay him respect and love and gratitude for his hard work and contribution to our organization.


His colleagues at __________ [name of the organization].

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