Room Lease Agreement Template

A room lease agreement template is a document which contains the terms and conditions governing a room lease agreement. Such a document must be written in full conformity with the legal requirements of a room lease agreement as it is a legal document. The template must provide a clear layout of the document which can then be modified according to the requirements of the individual user.

Such templates are often available on the internet but they must be chosen with some amount of caution and circumspection. A room lease agreement template must be written carefully with no factual or other errors and it must be thoroughly crosschecked before being submitted to the concerned authorities.

Room Lease Agreement Template

Room Lease Agreement

Room lease registration identification code: ____________ [Mention the specific number of the room lease agreement]

Room lease agreement registered on ___/____/___ [Date of registration]

The following details of the room lease agreement must be noted:

The room lease agreement is henceforth signed between

The landlord: ___________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ___________________________

The landlord shall henceforth be referred to as the “lessor”

[Mention the particulars of the landlord]


Tenant: _________________________

Residential address: _____________

Contact Number: ____________

The tenant shall henceforth be referred to as the “lessee”

[Mention the particulars of the tenant]

The agreement stipulates that the lessee shall pay an initial advance of ___$ and a monthly rental of ___________ $ by the  _________ [date] of every month.

The location of the room to be rented is as follows:

Street: __________, City/State: __________ PIN: _________

The room lease agreement shall terminate on _________________ [date].

The signatures of both the parties are included herein:

________________________                                              ____________________

Signature of the lessor                                                            Signature of the lessee



Lease Agreement Template

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