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A salon brochure template is designed to advertise the services and facilities offered by a particular salon. Salons are of various types and their brochures will consequently differ. However, they must be attractive and informative in order to attract attention. Thus a salon brochure template is the basis on which salon brochures are to be framed. The template of this kind acts as a layout using which the entire brochure can be designed by the salon owner. This helps those who wish to save time by using a readymade document and also those who are amateur when it comes to drafting of brochures. One can easily say that any salon brochure template is quite important as well as useful for many salon owners. Samples of salon brochure templates can be found here on this website.

Sample Salon Brochure Template



Download Salon Brochure Template


Name: __________________________________________ [Name of the salon]

Year of establishment: ________________________________ [Mention the year of establishment]

Services offered: ______________________________________________ [Mention the kind of services the salon offers, like a hair salon, spa salon etc.]

Prices start from: __________________________________________ [Provide the starting range of the salon also mentioning the services offered at that cost]

Address: _______________________________

  • Branch 1:______________
  • Branch 2:______________               [Mention the exact addresses in the brochure]

Our specialty and superior professional team consisting of experts include: ________________________________________________________________________________

[Provide details of the stringent professional norms followed by the salon and the renowned core team]

Contact number: _____________________________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

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