Santa Letterhead Template

A Santa letterhead refers to that sort of a letterhead which is prepared to be used on the occasion of Christmas. The letterhead is prepared in the name of Santa Clause and can be used by any firm/ entity which are celebrating Christmas festivities. The individual, company or entity which is making use of the template merely needs to fill the details as per the indications in the brackets of the templates. The letterhead may then be used to circulate messages such as the discounts being offered by various firms on occasion of Christmas, for circulating Christmas wishes or informing about the Christmas events being organized etc.

You can Download the Free Santa Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Santa Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Santa Letterhead Template

Santa Letterhead Template

Download Santa Letterhead Template 


{Insert the logo / sign/ picture which relates to the festival of Christmas for example a Christmas tree or Santa or bells etc.}

Santa Clause

{Here write “Santa Clause” in the preferred font and size}


{Write a Christmas message which the user relates to or a phrase which relates to the spirit of Christmas in the best possible manner}


Content {In this space kindly begin writing the content i.e. the information that the user wishes to circulate by the way of this letterhead}

Stamp/ Signature_______ {Place the stamp of the entity along with the signature of the issuing authority}

Date ________________ {Here write the date on which the user is issuing this particular letter}


Name {Write the name of the entity/ firm which is using the template to frame their Christmas letterhead}

Address and contact details {Write the address and other contact details of the user}

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