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The letterhead which is framed for use only by the official authorities of a school for various official purposes is called a school letterhead. The letterhead is essential as all the important notifications/ announcements that are to be made by the school authorities must be issued on the letterhead so that the fact that the information is released by the school is certified. The school letterhead template given here is a document which has been properly formatted and hence the user can frame their letterhead by merely filling in the details as indicated in the brackets after each of the category.

You can Download the Free School Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. School Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample School Letterhead Template

School Letterhead Template

Download School Letterhead Template

Insert logo

[In the box here place the logo of the school]

Name of the school

[Write the name of the respective school, preferably in bold]

Physical Location of the school

[Here write the physical address of where the school is situated]

Contact No.

[Write the office contact nos. of the school which are used for correspondence by all the students, parents etc.]

Web Address

[Write the website that the school authorities have created for virtual correspondence]

Email Address

[Provide the email address which can be used for enquiries etc.]



[Begin writing the content of the letter i.e. the information which is meant to be circulated]


[After the content is written write the name of the authorized individual who is issuing the particular letter]


[write the position of the individual who is issuing the letter]

Stamp and signature

[Provide the stamp of the school and the signature of the issuer]

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