Seminar Invitation Template

A seminar is usually organized by a business organization or an educational institution. It is a formal meeting on a specific topic. It sometimes helps in the promotion of a business organization so it is necessary that there should be invitees. Seminars are also helpful in spreading awareness about a certain topics or help in gaining knowledge to help in an individual’s career. So it is important to create a good seminar invitation to attract invitees.

A seminar can be organized by any sort of an institution, a firm for employees, a college/ school for students etc. But any seminar needs speakers as well as listeners. This seminar invitation template is a document which has been designed in keeping with patterns of such invitations. Anyone can use this template to design invites to be sent to listeners or speakers; for this the individual must fill the details of that particular seminar.

“You can Download the Free Seminar Invitation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Seminar Invitation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Seminar Invitation Template:

Seminar Invitation Template


___________ [Name of the individual or organization invitee]

____________ [Street address]

____________ [Name of city, state and zip code]

You are being cordially invited to our seminar regarding _____________ [Reason for organizing the seminar] on ___________ [Date on which it will take place] at ______________ [Address of the venue]. There will be a lunch party followed by the seminar.

Please make us feel grateful with your presence.

Thanking You,

_____________ [Name of the host organization or individual]

_____________ [Address]

_____________ [Telephone number]

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