Service Agreement Contract Template

Whenever two or more than two parties agree to enter a service arrangement where one party provides a service and the other pays for the service, they may draft a service agreement contract.  A service agreement contract is a formal a legally binding document which lays down the terms and conditions of a service agreement. A service agreement contract template on the other hand is a document which lays down the exact structure and format to frame an actual service agreement contract. The template consists of almost all those details which a contract of this nature must ideally have.

A service agreement contract template consists of several headings or fields such as the names of the parties, the details of the parties, the description of service, the cost of service, the terms and conditions and the other such details. A service agreement contract template provides blank spaces that can be used to enter all the specific service related details by the user. These templates are very popular and common because they can be used easily and filled up quickly. They also help to eliminate the need for hiring lawyers to frame such formal contracts and can be downloaded easily from the web.

Sample Service Agreement Contract Template:

Service Agreement Contract template


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