Service Invoice Template

Service invoice template is a written contract between a service provider and its client as the former agree to render some specific services to the latter. Such invoices clearly mention the services offered and the payment details for the service. The template acts like a readymade document which can be used as an actual service invoice just by making a few additions and modifications in the original draft. Thus users can save time as well as energy since most of the content is pre written and that too in a well ordered manner. Many organisations use such service invoice templates for their requirements and specifications. Samples and examples of such templates can be found on this website.

Sample Service Invoice Template

Download Service Invoice Template

Date: –/–/—- [Mention the date on which the invoice is created]

Name of the Service Provider: ________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Registration No.: ______________________________

Name of the client: ________________________________________________

Customer ID: _______________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Invoice No.: ________________________

Service Details:

Description                                          Start                        End                  Charge

of the                                                         Date                        Date


___________________                      –/–/—-                –/–/—-              ____________

___________________                      –/–/—-                –/–/—-              ____________

___________________                      –/–/—-                –/–/—-              ____________

___________________                      –/–/—-                –/–/—-              ____________

Total Amount: ___________________________

Discounts: ______________________________

Tax Payable: ___________________________

Grand Total: ____________________________

Payment Details:

Account No.: _____________________

Account holder’s name: _____________

Bank Name: ______________________

Branch Name: _____________________

Branch Code: ________________________________________________
IFSC Code: __________________________________________________

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