Software Assessment Template

A software assessment template can be of many kinds. It is essentially an assessment or analysis of the functionality and performance of a particular software, based on certain factors like ease of use and pricing. The assessment must be conducted by someone who has used the software, and the template should outline the basic layout of the actual document. The divisions into sections, the framework within which the assessor must provide his or her opinions must be clearly demarcated.

Sample Software Assessment Template:

Software Assessment Template

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Software Assessment Report

This form is to be filled in by the ____________ [client’s name] using ____________Software System, which has been installed in since ____________ [installation date]. This is a part of our routine checks, and will help us perform better henceforth.

Features of the software installed

[Please render your opinions in the columns provided below]



Is the software easy to use and simple as far as the instructions are concerned?
Is manual or on screen guidance available for using the software?
The software is a stable one and does not create problems in the operation of other software?
Can the software be handled easily by laymen and professionals?
Is the software priced attractively?
Is the software adequately supplemented by graphics and animations for the users to understand its functionalities conveniently?

Name of product: __________________________________________

Producer of product: ________________________________________

Installed by: ________________________

[Mention the requisite information about the software product being installed]

Computer processor needed: ____________________________

Amount of hard drive space needed: ________________________________

Form of storage: ____________________ [CD/DVD]

[Mention some of the technical requirements of the software being used]

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