Student Rail Card Template

A student rail card is a card which is issued to those students who travel by rail very frequently. A student rail card template gives us an idea of how the rail card should look like. The student rail card gives discount to the students on train fares and sometimes even relieves them from the burden of buying a ticket, every time they have to travel. These templates help authorities to frame well detailed documents as they are pre written with the major content and have a well structured format. Any such template helps to save time as well provide a clear cut solutions to the drafting problem of rail authorities who issue these cards to students. If you are looking for a student rail card template, then this website is the right place for your search.

Sample Student Rail Card Template:


Student Rail Card Template

Download Student Rail Card Template

Student’s Rail card

__________________ [Rail Card Number]

Valid from ___________ [date from which the validity begins] until _____________ [date on which the validity ends]

[Passport photo of the student with the stamp of the railways on it]

Issued to: ________ [name of the student]

Address: ______________ [address at which the student stays]

Issued at: __________ [name of the city where the rail card is issued]

______________ [rail card and number]

I agree to follow the rules and regulation of the railways.



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