Sympathy Email Template

A sympathy email template is the format in which we write an email to sympathize with a person whose near and dear one has passed away or who has met with an accident or has met with a tragedy. We should be careful while choosing the words we are writing in the email so that the person feels that we actually feel sympathize for them.

Sample Sympathy Email Template

Sympathy Email Template

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____________ [name of the recipient]

___________ [email id of the recipient]

Dear ___________ [name of the recipient],

I am extremely sad to hear the news of demise of your _______________ [mention the relative who has faced the tragedy] on ________________ [date of passing away] due to _______________ [reason for death].

He was not only your [mention the relationship], but also a good friend of mine who was very helpful and kind. I understand the emptiness in your life due to his sudden demise. I will pray so that his soul rests in peace.


_______________ [name of the sender]



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