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By preparing a teacher newsletter template, teachers can communicate important information to the students and their parents. Firstly create a rough draft of the teacher newsletter template so that it can be reused again and again in every issue of the newsletter. Then you can personalize each teach newsletter. You can also choose a pre-defined sample newsletter from the internet and personalize it according to your requirements. Decide on the topics that you want to include in the teacher newsletter template. Common topics included in the teacher newsletter template are calendar with the list of events, homework for the week or month, news and updates about the school, etc. A sample teacher newsletter template is mentioned below which can be used for preparing an effective teacher newsletter template.

You can Download the Free Teacher Newsletter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Teacher Newsletter Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Teacher Newsletter Template

Teacher Newsletter Template

Download Teacher Newsletter Template

____________________ [Mention the name of the school along with its logo]

___________________ [Specify the name of the teacher newsletter template]

___________ [Mention the date of the issue]

Newsletter edited by: ______No. of pages: _______

Date of publication: ______

School website: _________

Phone: _______________

Fax: _______________

E-mail address: ________

Subject line: _______________________Dear ________ [faculty/ students/ guardians/ partners, etc]

Welcome to our _____ edition of the teacher newsletter.

_____ [Content of the teacher newsletter is to be mentioned here]

_______ [Concluding remarks of the teacher newsletter]

_______ [Thank you note by the concerned person]

SCHOOL CALENDAR:[Mention the major events in the school along with the school calendar]

  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________

  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________
  • _______________________________________________________

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