Technical Assessment Template

A technical assessment template is a document which aims to make a comprehensive survey of the technical requirements of a particular institution, organization or individual. Care should be taken to highlight the flaws in the existing system to justify the need for change or additions. The technical assistance report must be preceded by a template which can focus on the layout and how the data collected in the assessment shall be represented. The document must be neatly written with no factual inaccuracies. A technical assessment template must be precise and well divided into relevant segments corresponding to the various parameters by which the assessment is conducted.

Sample Technical Assessment Template:

Technical Assessment Template

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<Company Logo>

Technical Assessment Report  

<Name of the company>


Please fill in the following details. Ensure that all details are accurate and carefully tabulated.


Name of customer: ______________________________

Customer address: ______________________________________

City/State: _________________________________

ZIP Code: ________________________________________

SSN: ______________________________

[Mention the details of the client for whom/which the technical assessment is being conducted]


Name of service provider: ____________________________

Bandwidth provided: ________________________________

Current usable static IPS: _______________________________

Configuration of Firewall: ___________________________________

Server of email: __________________________

Web provider: ____________________________

[Mention the details of the current site data system of the client in order to suggest changes that can be made to improve services]


Number of DIDs

Local provider of phone services

Trunk replacement cables


[Mention the phone services and the gaps or deficiencies in this phone services system which can be improved upon]

Technical assessment done by: _____________________________________

Date: ________________________________

Signature: ________________________________



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