Trademark License Agreement Template

A trademark license agreement is a legal contract which allows one company or individual to use the logo, trademark and other associated content of another company. This is a negotiation for a certain period of time usually accompanying a merger between two companies, or a subcontract of some sort.


   This Agreement is hereby effected between _________________ [name of Party 1] [henceforth referred to as Party 1], based out of _______________ [chief headquarters or location] and _____________________ [name of Party 2] [henceforth referred to as Party 2], based out of _________________________.


Whereas, __________________ [Party 1] is the owner of all logos, trademarks, services and trade names, service marks and related intellectual and material content which is produced hereby on Exhibit 1 and is collectively known as “Trademarks”

Whereas, ___________________ [Party 2] desires to acquire the right of using the “Trademarks” owned by Party 2 in all of its retail outlets, in connection with all publicity, promotion, manufacturing, selling, packaging and distribution and for all subsidiary retail outlets and subcontracted parties.

Therefore, ______________________ [Party 1] authorizes ______________ [Party 2] with the right to use “Trademarks” in all of the above mentioned instances. However this agreement is valid for a period of ________________ [years] and is subject to reconsideration every _________________ [period of time] by both parties concerned.


“I hereby agree to the terms and conditions contained in this document and promise to use “Trademarks” in all fairness and without causing injury or grievance to any concerned party.”

Signature of Party 1: ________________________________            Date: _________

Signature of party 2: ________________________________            Date: _________

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