Training Schedule Template

A training schedule template is a ready to use framework for creating a schedule or routine for any training session. Organisations offer training to its employees to enhance their skills and sometimes people have to undergo training along with their usual job duties. Certain partial adjustments are made and for that it is necessary to have training schedule so that people can plan their work and know when the training starts and ends. A training schedule also helps the trainer to plan the session properly so that there is time to touch every topic in the training course. A training schedule should take into consideration selection and development of course materials, planning training dates and time, names of trainees and location.

You can Download the Free Training Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Training Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Training Schedule Template:

Training Schedule Template

Download Training Schedule Template

Name of training session: [Insert name, title or topic of training session]

Name of organisation: [Insert name of company or organisation responsible for arranging the training session]

Address: [Insert address and other contact details of the organisation]

Name of trainer: [Insert name of person conducting the training]

Date: From _________ to _________ [Insert dates when training begins and ends]

Day and date [Insert the date or day of training for which you are making the schedule]

Start time[Give time when training session starts] End time[Give time when training session ends] Total time[Mention total number of hours training took place] Module[Mention which part of training imparted or what module completed] Description[Give a brief description of the contents taught during the session]
Trainer’s remarks: [Insert any comments or remarks by the trainer]Review: [Mention any review comments]

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