Travel Business Card Template

A travel business card is a piece of informative document which is drafted by travel companies or agencies so that they can be distributed to people who are willing to contact the travel agency to organise travel trips for them. A travel business card template is a document which provides a complete structure and outline for any travel business card. Such documents are very helpful for organisations as they do not need to spend any extra money on getting a travel business card drafted specifically. These templates can be used as it is just by adding a few personal points which are customisable in nature.

You can Download the Free Travel Business Card Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Business Card Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel business card template:

Travel Business Card Template

Download Travel business card template

{Front side of the business card}

Name of travel agency: _____________ [write down the name of the travel agency whose business card this is]

Logo of the travel agency: ___________________ [draft a logo of the travel agency whose business card this is]

Motto of the travel agency: _______________ [write down the motto of the travel agency, if any]

Address of travel agency: _________ [write down the address of the office of the travel agency in the city]

Contact numbers: ___________ [write down the contact numbers of the travel agency]

Contact person: _____________ [write down the name of the person in charge who is to be contacted]

Email address of the contact person: ________________ [write down the email address or addresses of the contact person]

Website name: ____________ [write down the website name of the travel agency]

{Back side of the business card}

Printed by: __________ [write down the name of the printer of the business card}

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