Volunteer Brochure Template

A volunteer brochure template is designed to advertise an event in order to attract volunteers. The brochure must be comprehensive in order to address all areas of concern. It must also be attractive and encouraging in order to attract volunteers. Thus, a volunteer brochure template helps in the framing of a volunteer brochure. The nature of the template must e such that it focuses on the structure or the layout of the event. The content part must be covered with those details or points which are common to any volunteer brochure template. The rest of the details must be left for the user to add in order to customise the document as per his specifications and needs. Samples and examples of many such templates can be found on this website.

Sample Volunteer Brochure Template



Download Volunteer Brochure Template


Name of organization: ___________________________ [Mention the name of the organization, which has published the brochure for hiring volunteers]

Name of event: ___________________________ [Name of the specific event]

Date: ________________________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Date of the event for which volunteers are required]

Our purpose in organizing the event: ________________________ [Mention why the event is important, especially if it is for a humanitarian cause like blood donation]

Location: ___________________________ [Mention the location of the event]

Volunteer meeting: __________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention a date for a volunteer meeting]

Participation certificate given: ________________________ [Enumerate the benefits of volunteering in the event including provisions of a certificate]

Contact number: _________________________ [Provide a contact number for potential volunteers]

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