Warning letter to tenant by landlords

A landlord has to manage various tasks required for the administration of a proper housing community where tenants follow reasonable rules and regulations. One of these tasks of landlord is to make tenant aware of any prohibited activities and regulations of the place. But if tenant violates certain rules, they need to be warned before a strong action can be taken. Following is the sample warning letter for tenants.

Sample warning letter to tenant by landlords


Allan Harper

#41, Le-Gen Apartments

South Forest Drive

New York City, New York

Dear Allan,

I am writing this letter to remind you that smoking is not permitted in the apartment that you have rented. We have received few complaints in last week regarding the smoke infiltrating the hallway outside your unit. I want to remind you that an outdoor smoking area has been designated but you cannot smoke near the hallway which bothers other people living nearby units on the same floor.

Please be advised that this is your first warning. Should there be any further incidents or circumstances with respect to smoking in your unit we will serve you with a legal notice to terminate your tenancy earlier. We would be happy to discuss this issue with you in person. Please feel free to contact me.

Your landlord,

Charlie Clooney


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