What is a certificate template

A certificate template is a sample token of acknowledgement of success. It is created and customised for recognising and awarding a person who has made some sort of an achievement or who has reached a certain milestone of his career. It is presented not only to empower the person with added qualification but also to motivate the person in taking up similar activities in future. It is also presented with an aim to lay down an official record of significant events like birth, matrimony and demise. Thus, its purpose varies from personal use to commercial use depending on the event or activity.

The basic important points to be remembered before starting to draw a certificate template are given here:

  • The chief information of the candidate must be provided in print including his name, gender, age and address with references if necessary so that the holder is officially registered with the certificate issuing company.
  • The name of the event must be specified whether it is a competition, debate, examination or stage performance and presentation to mark the ability of the holder in that field.
  • The description of the reason must be provided concisely so that the holder as well as the beholders is certain of the grounds of the candidate’s success.
  • The date of issue of the certificate is very important if it is a document confirming the acquisition of license and promotion in job or academics.
  • The signature of the person who issues the certificate is another important element to be included in the template.

Thus, a certificate template is a vital document which is required as long as the person is alive. It has a huge impact if produced during interviews and board discussions as it is counted almost as a credential besides other official documents like mark-sheets and rewards.

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