What is a letterhead template

A letterhead template is a document which outlines the nature of a letterhead document. A letterhead document or simple a letterhead, is a sheet of paper which contains, as a head-note, the name of the company and its directors, with the address of the company as well as its logo.

  • It should be concise and subtle.
  •  A pompous and ostentatious letterhead does not reflect well on the company itself and it is best to go in for a small and neat impression of the company’s name and address.
  • Sometimes, influential personalities also have letterheads of their own and the same rule applies to them as well.
  • A letterhead template must provide the format of the letterhead document and then individual users can modify the letterhead according to their own use.
  • It should be concise and neat so that the import of the letterhead comes across to the user without taking up undue space and attention.
  • It should be general in tone so that it appeals to a wide spectrum of users. A letterhead template should also be innovative.
  • Depending on the concerns and image of the company which it wishes to project, the letterhead can be stylish or simple.
  • Sometimes best results are achieved through the use of simple and elegant letterheads. However, depending on the taste of the individual users, the letterheads can also be elaborate and beautiful. If done properly, the letterhead can also become an object of art.

Thus, a letterhead template is a document which provides the format of a letterhead and it serves as a guide and model for the creation of a letterhead document. It must be aimed at portraying the image of the company and the values it stands for. If inserted properly, the letterhead can say a lot about the individual or the company using it.

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