What is a Manual Template

A manual template is a written document that outlines the various details that are to be incorporated in a manual, which will be developed by a certain company or business firm for any of its products or services or for the organization itself. The manual is a layout that contains several facts and information regarding the particular product, service, or company, and provides instructions for the proper execution of systems and work procedures involved. A manual is generally issued for the convenience of users and others who will avail of the said services. The template should hence be designed in a proper manner so as to contain provisions for the required details to be filled in by the company representatives or others who would frame the manual based on the structure of the respective template.

A manual template is prepared keeping in mind the following points that need to be included for making it a perfect document:

  • The template should be designed in a proper structure such that there is a definite format of the document irrespective of the manual to be developed.
  • Any manual contains a number of sections and the template should provide clear and complete guidelines for the development of the perfect lineation wherein the facts will be presented according to some set format.
  • There should be a definite space in the template for including an introduction of the company, product, or service that forms the basis of the manual. A brief summary of the procedures is to be provided.
  • The manual template should provide a layout of the actual document and contain sections wherein the respective individuals or company will fill in details of technical jargons, terminologies and legal concepts, as may be involved. The various methods, configurations, internal structures and functions, etc. should be made clear to the users through the manual and the template should thus be designed accordingly.

Hence, a manual template is an important piece of document provided with most of the products and services, and also by companies and firms. It gives a clear picture of the operation of the company or brand and also legally places responsibilities upon them to execute the processes appropriately.

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