What is a plan template

A plan template can be used for varied purposes ranging from official and unofficial uses to plan for strategic or general decisions. A plan template is to be written in a well-defined way with details starting at a general topic and leading to greater details. A plan template is useful to make the plans clearer to all the people involved so that even the exceptions are handled leaving no scenario left for ambiguity. Hence a plan template needs to be prepared by people who are authorised and are well aware of situations and familiar with making effective plan templates. The following points are given to guide you on developing a plan template which will help you to achieve your needs of getting the plan executed effectively.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing a plan template:

  • A plan template should have a clear heading mentioning the plan name, and date of execution of the plan.
  • The planning levels and stages are to be mentioned in a clear manner with clear cut responsibilities assigned.
  • The plan template should mention the stakeholders in it and the subsequent advantages and effects on them due to the plan. The people executing the plan should take care to minimise any negative effects of the plan on the stakeholders.
  • The plan template should include whatever requirements that are to be gathered which can be necessary to execute the plan on time and with appropriate quality.
  • The scope of the plan is one of the crucial aspects that are to be laid out clearly in the plan template. This defines the limits of the execution of the plan.
  • The statement of work for each activity in the plan template with the breakdown of work assignment starting from the management level and spanning across the supervisory level and operational level should me mentioned in the plan template.

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