What is a product template

A product template is mostly used by marketing organizations to convey the advantages and features of a product to their target audience. The use of a product template is to increase the sales of the products and increase the market share of the company. The product template should contain the details of the product, its advantages over its competitors in terms of cost, quality, quality, packaging, etc. So the person preparing a product template should know the details of the product so as to be able to put in all the appropriate data in the product template. The following points may benefit the product template preparer as it includes different issues to take care of while making a product template.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing a product template:

  • Start the product template by mentioning the product available to be presented. The name of the company that has manufactured this product should be mentioned immediately below the name of the product.
  • Next section that follows should present the details of the product with description. The details of the product can be related to its ingredients or composition, nutrition information, exact quantity, quality if certified by any third party, etc.
  • The details of the plant location where the product has been prepared should be mentioned in the product template. The contact email address and phone number should be displayed so that for any negative responses like defect or damage or positive response like appreciation can find way to the company location.
  • The right way of using the product should be mentioned. The areas to store the product and the prevented usage by children, etc. should be mentioned wherever applicable.
  • If the product carries anything additionally in its packaging then it should also be listed. Products that are to be consumed should contain the ISO certified stamps and marks to suggest whether it is vegetarian or not.

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