What is a questionnaire template

A questionnaire template is one of the most frequently used templates. This is used extensively by various types of marketing organizations, human resources organizations, etc. in every kind of sector. The questionnaire template displays a short description of the questionnaire along with the questions that are intended to be asked to recipients. The questionnaire template should be well designed so as to seek valid and accurate responses from the respondents. The questionnaire template should be concerned with a focussed topic which evokes interest and which is administered so as to carry out an analysis which can be used for subsequent decision making. The following listed points are very essential to be followed if one is making a questionnaire template.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing a questionnaire template:

  • The questionnaire template should first start by listed the name of the group or organization conducting the questionnaire.
  • There should be a short and formal introduction to the questionnaire. If an individual is conducting the questionnaire template, then his or her education and background details is a must.
  • The questionnaire template should mention the purpose of carrying out the questionnaire template. These should be a mention of data confidentiality for all kinds of responses.
  • Then the questionnaire template can start by forming general questions on the topic and slowly move on to detailed topics.
  • The questionnaire template should have clear questions which are simple to understand and quick to fill.
  • There can be open ended or close ended questions depending on the purpose of the question. There should be enough options in close ended questions and the open ended questions should have enough spacing for user comments.
  • The ratings included in the questionnaire template should be exhaustive and complete so that the exact user opinion can be recorded.
  • While preparing the questionnaire template, tools should be devised that can help in user response analysis.

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