What Is A Quiz Template

The whole idea behind a quiz is to exchange knowledge in an interesting fashion. It allows participants to test their understanding of the topic and also provides them an opportunity to update their knowledge. Quizzes can be of many types depending on the topic of study. Since it becomes tiring to conceive new quiz formats every time, it is advisable to device a quiz template beforehand and customize it as per the needs of the occasion. The following points may help one while drafting a quiz template:

  • Heading: The template must have space for incorporating the name of the quiz and detailed information about the organization that is organizing it.
  • Information on the participants: The template may have lineation for entering the name and contact details of the participants so that they may be contacted later as per the results of the quiz.
  • Questions: Setting the right questions is the most important part of a quiz. The template therefore must have provision for recording interesting questions that would generate interest among the participants.
  • Format: The quiz may be based on a plain question-answer format or multiple choice questions as per the demands of the topic. Hence the template must have lineation accordingly to make the entire process engrossing and attractive.
  • User friendly Interface: The template must be constructed such that its tone remains interactive and frank, encouraging people to complete the quiz.
  • Instructive: The template must bear space to incorporate specific instructions for the participant on the way the quiz must be taken. This must be done with absolute clarity and precision.
  • Readability: The language of the template must be simple and straightforward such that it is understandable by one and all.
  • Conciseness: The trick to documentation of an effective quiz template is a concise, to the point approach that manages to cover all the important points without appearing boring.

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