What is a Receipt Template

A receipt template is basically a pre-designed layout that may be used by business organizations to formulate customer invoice that would record all their transactions in a clear and transparent manner. These also enable organizations to maintain a track-sheet of their own transactional records that helps them to sort out any financial discrepancies that may arise in the future. As the format for drafting receipts is a common one, it is wise to document a receipt template beforehand and customize it according to one’s needs. A receipt format comprises of the following factors:

  • Header: The header must have lineation for including the name and contact information of the company. The kind of invoice addressed must also be stated here along with other details.
  • Footer: The footer must have provision for incorporating the signature of the customer and that of the concerned authority along with the date of the transaction. This section may also have space for the inclusion of a thank you note addressing the customer.
  • Tables: The tables must have columns and rows to depict all the transactions in detail along with the description of every item purchased; their cost and the grand total.
  • Additional information: This is generally positioned at the bottom of the tabular description of monetary transaction and bears space for entering other necessary information like the kind of transaction undergone (that is, cash or card) or details of tax deducted (if any) or allowance of discounts (if any).
  • Instructions: This lineation bears information about the rules and regulations under which transactions are carried out in the company. This is the space where the organization states their selling policy, information about their return or exchange policies and the time allotted for such dealings.

Besides the inclusion of all important points, care must be taken to ensure that the template is constructed innovatively and comprehensively to attract customers and make it a differential factor in the highly competitive market.

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