What is a Survey Template

Conducting a survey has become an indispensable part of any work procedure today.  Surveys serve as a medium between an organization and its people. These are mainly used to obtain public opinion on certain products or policies or services that would aid in understanding the kind of interest the product would generate in the market and the kind of customers it would attract. However, as surveys are conducted all the year round for various purposes; to save time and cost, most people create a survey template in advance and reuse it each time with the required customization.

The following points may guide one in drafting a survey template smoothly:

  • The information needed to be gathered from the survey should be clearly delineated first. This would provide one with an outline of how the survey should be shaped.
  • The template should not be very long and must have provision for only entering the relevant information.
  • A candid and conversational tone may be adopted to make the survey template accessible and comprehensible to all.
  • The survey template should be structured in a way that all the questions logically follow one another and do not seem irrelevant or unnecessary.
  • The template may follow a multiple choice pattern. This technique might serve a two-fold purpose as on one hand it would help the organizers in gauging customer response, while on the other hand it would also engage the respondents’ attention by not demanding too much of their time.
  • Rating scales may also be used to study product responses among the masses.
  • The template must have provision for incorporating additional comments or suggestions from the respondents that may prove to be beneficial to the company.
  • There must be lineation for stating the purpose of the template. This would ensure that the survey attracts the right kind of respondents and would also serve as a guideline for the entire set up training it to remain true to its purpose.



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