What is a Word Template

Often times one is required to create documents that demand specialized and professional formatting. Drafting such documents become a tedious and time consuming affair as outlining the very structure becomes a challenge and takes one’s focus off the content of the document. To save time and energy thus, the convenient thing to do is to opt for a word template and customize it each time as per one’s need. A word template is basically a pre-designed layout that is constructed with the help of Microsoft Word software. It may comprise of formatting, boilerplate text, headers and footers, styles, macros along with toolbars, dictionaries and AutoText entries. These help one to give the document a professional outlook and serve as a style guide for the text. Following are some of the common uses of a word template:

  • Flyers: the array of flyer templates provided by word may come in handy for documenting any circulars from sales bills to event invitations to missing notices.
  • Resume: Microsoft word offers a wide range of basic resume templates that may be edited and used in any kind of professional applications or interviews and enable one to create a good impression as a competent candidate.
  • Planning: the variety of planning templates are extremely effective in aiding one in constructing innovative yearly, monthly, weekly or daily planners for professional as well as personal use.

However, regardless of the content and purpose of the word template, the following points must be considered while drafting the templates:

  • An outline of the template that is about to be constructed should be envisioned prior to the drafting. The points to be included may be listed in this regard.
  • The template must have ample scope for its edition such that it may be effectively adapted for multiple purposes.
  • The more the features, the more functional the template becomes. Hence, the templates must have provisions for including margins, columns, tab stops, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, and macros.
  • The template must be user friendly, simple and easy to use. Providing user manual that contains instructions on its usages may be beneficial for the user.

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