What is an email template

Email templates are those that help to create and customize the formatting and editing of any email communication. These layouts are generally used for narrating various purposes to its intended recipients through electronic mail.  Thus the template could be displayed in text format, HTML format or both. HTML email can be customized by graphics, colours, links and columns according to the requirement or else it could be formulated like a web page as well. On the other hand, a plain official email is nothing but just like a common inter office communication with plain written text devoid of any flamboyant articulation.

An email template helps in instant communication and even could be kept as a record for future need. Official email template could be used as a good source of marketing and online trading. Besides aiming to attract a good number of clients for business purpose, these email templates also works great for increasing the sales.  A professional tinge adds that extra glare to this particular kind of template. Designing an effective email template irrespective of its purpose is not at all a daunting task. However, one should consider the following points while drafting it.

  • Design: The design of the template should be such that it could be used for narrating any kind of purposes. The main lineaments should be very clear and lucid so that it could even serve as an official document as well.
  • Language of the template should be clearly understandable so that it does not lead to any miscommunication.
  • An email design should be kept at around a width of 600 pixels so that it does not look stressful. Moreover, designs should always be included with a text.
  • Quality, strategy and design are the main requisites of an effective email template.

Be it an official or informal email template, one must always ensures to construct it with a courteous approach so that the intended recipients find interest to read the entire email and understand its content effectively.

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