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A word resume template means a readymade framework which helps one to create a resume by utilizing the various tools and template options available in word processing software. There are many word processor applications available which offer templates for writing resumes by making them look neat and crisp. These templates have design elements in them, numerous font options and also offer suggestions on how to make the resume look more attractive. Depending on one’s requirements, one can create a resume by putting his professional information in the blanks spaces already present in the template. To get the template, open a new file and click templates and then choose from the numerous options available to make your resume.

Sample Word Resume Template:

Download Word Resume Template

Name: [Give your name]

Address: [Mention full address]

Phone: [Give your phone number]

e-mail ID: [Mention your email address]

Educational qualifications:

[Starting from the latest or the highest degree, give the name of the degree, year of passing and name of institute]

1) _____________

2) _____________

3) _____________


[Mention if you have received any awards from the institutes you have studied in, which will have significance in the job you are applying for]

1) _____________

2) _____________

3) _____________

Work Experience:

[Starting from the latest, mention the various job posts you have held and a brief description of your duties there, the name of the organisation and the term of employment in each organisation]

1) _____________

2) _____________

3) _____________

Languages known:

[Describe the number of languages you can both write and speak]

Additional information:

[Give any additional information if required]

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