Workshop Brochure Template

A workshop brochure template is used to invite the applications from the deserving candidates, who are willing to join the workshop. This template can be used for educational workshops, technical workshops and practical workshop assignments. Any such workshop brochure template is a document which gives users a chance to fill in their details quickly and hence readily execute the brochure according to their terms and requirements. The main use of any workshop brochure template is for those who are not clear about either the format or the content of the workshop brochure. Infact a lot of workshop managers or organisers use these templates to speed up the entire process of spreading information about their workshop.

Sample Workshop Brochure Template:

Workshop Brochure Template

Download Workshop Brochure Template

Logo of the institute: ________________________

Name of the institute: _______________________ [basic details of the workshop are given]

Accreditations: _______________________ [endorsements are mentioned here in order to educate the contenders about the authorization about this institution]

Type of the workshop: _________________

Duration: _________________________ [here the duration of a workshop is printed including duration]

Targeted subjects: _______________________ [workshop topics are being mentioned in this part]

Eligibility: ______________________ [applicant qualification requirements are mentioned here]

Benefits: ________________________ [benefits of such a workshop are printed here]

Certifications: __________________ [name the certifications to be issued to the candidates after completing the training]

Approach us: __________________ [this end section contains an address, phone number, fax number, e-mail id and website address of the workshop institution]

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