An agenda is a set goal or a plan of action to achieve a desired result in the future. An agenda can be made for a small casual task or event or is made for an event of importance such as a meeting or a programme to be held on a large spread level. The important and formal agendas such as the business or political agendas need proper documentation of the various important points and details. This is where the role of an agenda template comes into play.

An agenda template is an important formal document which lays down the complete format and structure of the agenda. These templates come with pre marked divisions which the user can use and draft or frame his own agenda document. An agenda template is an important document based on which the result of a meeting or conference is dependent. The template must be elaborate and must have a professional touch to it.

The importance of these templates lies in the fact that a good and detailed template can save the users a lot of time which is because the users can fill in quick details and complete the agenda document as per their requirements or goals. Agenda templates are inexpensive to use as well.