An anniversary program template can be a very useful document when you are planning to celebrate an anniversary for yourself or for an organized body. The anniversary program template is a formal way of inviting guests for the event and seeking their presence in the celebration. The anniversary program template contains an official introduction and then it would be followed by the ceremony details with the breakup of time given. To see how many guests would attend the event, you can include an RSVP at the end. The following is a sample anniversary program template.

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Sample Anniversary Program Template

Anniversary Program Template

Download Anniversary Program Template

Trade Symposium

__th Anniversary celebrations [Mention the year of celebrations]

This year we are celebrating the _____ [year of celebrations] of the trade symposium. We would thereby like to organize a grand celebration party to celebrate its existence.

We invite all the members of the Trade Symposium, the participants and all the other guests who have been an integral part of the trade symposium for all these years.

Ceremony details: [Mention the time wise agenda that will be happening on the day of the anniversary celebrations]

Description Time
Agenda [Time 1]
A Brief History of the Trade symposium [Time 2]
A Note from the Director [Time 3]
Biographies of Trade Symposium participants [Time 4]
Trade Symposium Quiz [Time 5]
Memories down the lane [Time 6]
Award distribution [Time 7]


Please drop in a mail to ____________ [Mail id of the contact representative] or call ___________ [phone number of the contact representative] if you are attending the event.

Yours sincerely


Event Organizer and Trade Symposium Head