At workplaces and offices, employees are entitled to an annual leave where they can take a break from work for a certain period of time which is permitted by the employer. To apply for such a leave, employees have to frame and send an annual leave application to their bosses. Such applications must state the reason for the leave and the time period for which he/she will be absent from work. To frame such applications, help of annual leave application templates can be taken.

  • An annual leave application template is a layout or structure of an annual leave application which helps employees frame a crisp, formal and convincing application for annual leave.
  • These templates come with a pre-formatted structure which consists of almost the entire application but minus the personal details of the employee, the time period of leave and the reason for the leave.
  • The template is left with blank spaces that can be filled in by the user according to the instructions and guidelines given with them. These spaces help to personalize the template and use it as a personal annual leave application.
  • These templates can be downloaded from the web by anyone who is in need.

Sample Annual Leave Application Template: