Every business organization or company conducts an annual meeting where all the major issues and matters are discussed and future planning is done. Annual meetings are very important as they include most of the important members of the company and senior officials. Since these meetings are so important, their agenda is made in advance and distributed among the people who are to attend it.  Annual meeting agenda template is a kind of a document which can be used as an actual annual meeting agenda by companies to make their task of framing an agenda easy.

An annual meeting agenda template is a proper layout or outlined structure of an agenda that can be used to give the information about the annual meeting and its real purpose. The template document is provided with most of the details that are needed but is also left with blank spaces at certain points which can be used to make the document personal and customized.   The following are some of the fields which are present in an annual meeting agenda template:

  • The template consists of the date of the meeting, the time at which the meeting shall start and the venue of the meeting.
  • The template also consists of the main participants in the meeting and the main issue that it will be discussing.
  • The annual meeting agenda template must lay down the sequence of points that will be discussed in the meeting and how long will each point take to discuss.

Sample Annual Meeting Agenda Template:

Annual Meeting Agenda Template

Download Annual Meeting Agenda Template