An application is a written form which is used to apply for a post, position, course, job or any other field of activity or employment. An application form consists of details like the name of the applicant, contact number, address, email address, other personal information and educational details in the case of an employment application form.  Not all organisations or institutes have the time or expertise to frame the form for the convenience of the applicants. This is where the role of application templates comes into the picture.

An application template is a ready to use document which is framed or drafted by experts. These documents are framed in such a way that the users can fill in required details with the aim to customise the template.  They can be quickly filled in and do not require any changes in the format or the structure of the document. Any application template is an important document for many people mainly because it is easy to use and download and is quite inexpensive as well.

There are many types of application templates available depending upon the numerous types of application forms. The following are a few examples:

  • Job application template
  • Web application template
  • Rental application template
  • Course application template