A bank employment application template is a model of application for bank employment. It enables the candidate to make a suitable application following the guidelines and format provided in the document. It is generated by banks to facilitate the process of recruitment so that candidates are sure of how to apply without drifting away from the key requirements of the application pointlessly.

The bank employment application form template is drafted for the convenience of the individuals who wish to apply for job at banks. It provides with the pattern of an application form. The individual willing to use the template must fill in his/ her required details in the blanks provided in the template. It records his/ her educational qualifications, work experience, skills and personal characteristics etc which help the bank authorities in deciding whether that individual is right for the post.

Sample Bank Employment Application Template

Bank Employment Application Template

Name of the banking organization: __________________ [Mention the name of the banking agency seeking recruitment]

Name of the candidate: _________________ [Provide the name of the candidate applying for the banking post]

Date: ________________ [Provide the concerned date of submission of the application]

Contact information:

Home address: ____________________ [State the full home address of the candidate]

Cell number: _____________________ [Provide the mobile phone number of the candidate]

Email address: ____________________ [Give the official email id of the candidate]

Job information:

Job title: _______________ [Specify the name of the job in banking]

Job prerequisites: ________________ [Elucidate the duties, tasks, operations, responsibilities as expected by the candidate for the banking job]

Expected salary: _________________ [State the amount of remuneration presumed by the candidate for the job post]

Career objectives: ________________ [Explicate the goals, ambitions and aspirations of the candidate from the banking job]

Educational information:

Graduation: ________________ [Name the specific subject specialised for graduation]

Post graduation: _______________ [Name the specific subject specialised for masters]

Awards received: _______________ [Name the awards received for excellent performance]

Scholarships received: ________________ [Name the scholarships and benefits awarded]

Course of training: __________________            Session: ______________________

[Name the training course/internship received and the respective period]

Signature: _____________________