In a bar menu template, we would find all the dishes and beverages served at a bar and a listing of their pocket pinches. It lets you celebrate your happy moments with drinks for special events and promotes happy hours.

You can Download the Free Bar Menu Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Bar Menu Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Bar Menu Template

Bar Menu Template

Download Bar Menu Template


We have the most simple and affordable list of liquor or spirit here.

  • Ginny’s Gin                                         ______________
  • Vodka                                                        ______________
  • Bacardi Rum                                               ______________

We have the easily portable beer cans in this section.

  • Beck’s beer                                                ______________
  • Pinto’s canned beer                                     ______________

Now moving onto something classy and finer, we have the wine section.

  • Red wine                                            ______________
  • White wine                                         ______________
  • Sparkling wine                                    ______________

For accompaniment we also provide an assorted range of soft drinks like

  • Coca – cola                                                ______________
  • Sprite                                                        ______________
  • Ice cream soda                                           ______________

As snacks we provide the following.

  • Peanuts nut club                                  ______________
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolate                              ______________
  • Ferrero Raundeir chocolate                           ______________