A bill of sales template, as the name suggests, is used as a part of sales business. Such a template is formally designed for the total monetary execution at the time of selling some asset such as real estate, vehicle and various other products. A bill of sales is the description of the sold product and official information about the seller & buyer party. For preparing such a template, an interested person can contact the solicitor and the attorney to design the required legitimate document for business use.

Types of the bill of sales template:

  • Auto Bill of sales template
  • Medical bill of sales template
  • Car bill of sales template
  • Boat bill of sales template, etc

A bill of sales template should consist of the following mentioned attributes:

  • A bill of sales template must have a column for bill number and date.
  • Authenticated contact information of the seller party and the buyer party is essential.
  • Such a template must include customer id/ Official TIN number of both the business entities.
  • Information and specifications of the sold product & asset is required in this template.
  • Billing amount inclusive of taxes and all charges is necessary complete this bill of sales template.
  • Billing terms should be mentioned.
  • Signature of both the parties to validate the contract is required in this template.

Hence, by filling the required details, an organization can use the bill of sales template at ease.

Sample Auto Bill of Sales Template:

Bill of Sale Templates

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Sample Boat Bill of Sales Template:

Boat bill of sales template

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