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A business brochure template is designed to showcase the various services offered by the business, its expansions and diverse impact. It must be informative and attractive to allay doubts, answer queries and be pleasing to the eye. Thus a business brochure template must be designed in a way so as to offer a suitable template for the framing of an impressive business brochure. The main purpose of using a business brochure template is that it comes with a pre written format and structure which is quite well detailed. The business owners can add the details pertaining to their business entity and hence customise the template in almost no time. Thus these templates help to save time which is almost equivalent to saving money in the business world. If you are looking for business brochure template samples, then you have come to the right place.

Sample Business Brochure Template


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Name: ______________________________________ [Name of business enterprise]

Year of establishment: __________________________ [Year on which the business commenced]

Nature of business: ____________________________ [Mention the nature of the business enterprise]

Ethical and professional values we stand for: ____________________ [Mention the renown and respect the business commands]

Our core team consists of:

  • Member 1: ________________________
  • Member 2: ________________________
  • Member 3: ________________________

[Enlist the core team of the business enterprise in order to showcase their notable attributes and lend credibility]

Our prior notable business ventures: ____________________________________ [Mention some notable business expeditions conducted by the business enterprise in question]

Contact number: __________________ [Mention valid contact number]

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