A business employment verification template is a document which highlights the manner in which a business verification document must be composed. Such a document attests to the truth of a certain individual being a bonafide employee of a business organization. It is often asked for authentication or verification purposes, or as proof of identity. Hence, it must be composed in the correct manner.

It is required of the firm and its employees to possess an employment verification document for varied reasons such as to prove rightful employment, proof the individual/ employee’s identity etc. and other legal matters. Hence proper attention must be paid while drafting such documents. The template below makes this task easier by providing a pre-prepared draft. Any firm/ individual willing to use this template needs to accurately fill the space provided with his/ her required details.

Sample Business Employment Verification Template:

Business Employment verification Template

Download Business Employment Verification Template

______________________________________________ [name of the company in bold letters]

Business Employment Verification Document


This document is an attestation of the fact that Mr. ________________________ [name of the individual] is an employee in ____________________________ [name of business organization] from ____________ [day] of _________________ [month], ____________ [year of the individual joining the business organization]. He works as ___________________________ [mention the position or designation of the individual within the business organization]. He has been with this business organization for a duration of ________________ [number of years or months as the case may be], and this business employment verification document is a proof of the same. Also attached along with this document are the individual’s joining letter and latest salary statement.

He is an efficient and cooperative, as well as a valued employee of this organization, and we have received no complaints of his work ethic or his sincerity. We wish him luck and our goodwill is ever present with him. May he be successful in all his endeavors.

Thanking you,

____________________________ [name of authorizing personnel of the business enterprise]

____________________________ [designation of authorizing personnel]