A business event is an important occasion for the success of a business as it helps in getting more clients and as a result more business which leads to more profit. Thus a business card template is necessary to have an idea that how attractive a business event invitation should be so that it attracts more people to the event.

Any event organized by business houses for promotional purposes etc must be organized with utmost care. Any problem in the organization can cause great harm to the reputation of the business house. The template given below takes the burden off the shoulders of the individuals engaged in organizing the event. The template is for the purpose of informing others about the event being organized, its date and venue and the purpose/ agenda of the event.

“You can Download the Free Business Event Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Event Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Business Event Template:

Business Event Template


Download Business Event Template


[Symbol or logo of the company organizing the business event]


[Name of the event

We, _________ [name of the organization] are organizing a business event for ____________ [reason for organizing the event] on _____________ [date of event]. The event will take place at _________________ [name of the venue] located at __________________ [address of the venue]. The event will begin from __________ [time when the event begins].

The chief guests for the business event are:




[Name of chief guests attending the event]

The event is co sponsored by:




[Name of co sponsor companies]