A business lease is a kind of a lease which is made in respect to a business property or a business equipment or tool. Whenever a business lease is made between a lessor and a lessee, a business lease contract is also made along with it to specify the details of the arrangement between the two parties. A contract of this kind consists of the following given details:

  • Names and details of the lessor and the lessee.
  • All the important dates such as commencement date, termination date etc.
  • The lease payment amount.
  • The terms and conditions of the contract.
  • The details of the property or equipment which is being leased.

Since such contracts are formal and legal documents, sometimes it may be difficult for people to frame them and in such a case, they may make use of a business lease contract template. A business lease contract template is a ready made contract which can be modified to turn it into a business lease contract.

The template has spaces left so that the user can customize the document and make it into a personal contract for the purpose of business lease.  These are easy to use and also help to save the time of the user.

Sample Business Lease Contract Template


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