A business proposal is a proposal which a business executive makes to a business company to suggest a plan that can be beneficial for the company. A business proposal cover letter is a letter which accompanies a business proposal and states its basic and important points.

A business proposal cover letter template is a document using which a business proposal cover letter can be easily drafted.  Such a template lays down the basic structure, the basic content and a layout of how a business proposal cover letter must be framed. The following are some more details about a business proposal cover letter template:

  • Such templates prove very useful and widely used in Business Company where such proposals are often sent and the need of cover letters is high.
  • The template has been left with blank spaces along with the guidelines that can help the user to fill in these spaces.
  • The templates can thus be customized as per individual requirements and can then be sent along with business proposal.
  • They are very easy to use and help to save time of busy business executives who may not have the time to draft cover letters from scratch.

Sample  Business Proposal Cover Letter Template:


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