A camp brochure must outline all relevant information about the camp to be organized so that all doubts and areas of concern are addressed. The information must be provided in an attractive fashion so that it encourages participation in the camp. A camp brochure template must thus guide the framing of a camp brochure. The template must mainly focus upon the format and outlines so that the user can easily fill in his/her personal details as well as those related to the camp. Thus any such template is customisable and can be personalised by the user to suit his needs as well as camp specifications. If you are looking for a sample of a camp brochure template, then you can find it easily on this website along with other such template samples.

Sample Camp Brochure Template



Download Camp Brochure Template


Name: _____________________________________________ [Name of camp]

Type of camp: _____________________________ [Mention the nature of the camp, for example, summer camp or rock climbing camp]

Admission from: ________________ [dd /mm/yy] to _________________ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the relevant dates]

Activities offered:

  • Activity 1: _____________________ date: ________________________
  • Activity 2: _____________________ date: ________________________
  • Activity 3: ______________________ date: _______________________ [Enlist the activities offered by the camp and the relevant days]

Charges for admission: ____________________________ [Mention the relevant camp admission fees]

Location: ______________________________________ [List the specific location(s) of the camp]

Eligibility criteria: _____________________________ [Give the eligibility criteria for participation like specific age or any health specifications]

Contact number: _______________________________ [Provide the relevant contact number]