Renting cars for short or long periods of time is a very common act these days. There are ample numbers of car rental services which offer various types of cars for rent in return for a rental payment. These service providers take the help of brochures to advertise about their services and these brochures are thus called car rental brochures. Car rental brochures must clearly specify the name, location, services provided and rental rates of the car rental company. The brochure must look attractive and eye catching to gain maximum response.  To create a car rental brochure, one can use a car rental brochure template which is a semi-formed brochure with spaces left to customize it.

A car rental brochure template comes with the complete layout of how a brochure should be but doesn’t consist of particular information which is different for different car rental companies. This is how car rental companies get the freedom to personalize the template and use it for their promotion.  Car rental brochure templates can be used in the case when a company doesn’t have the time or expertise the frame the brochure on their own.  These are available in many formats and designs on the web, from where they can be downloaded.

Sample Car Rental Brochure Template:

Car Rental Brochure Template

Download Brochure Template