A carpenter quotation template furnishes the carpentry service prices alongside the carpentry work provided for a company. It is commissioned to either construct a new design of work or to repair and compensate damages made earlier. The company hiring carpenters look for the lowest bidders who are ready to provide service for a certain time at the lowest cost possible. Therefore the document deserves huge attention and consideration while preserving the profit rights of the carpenter. It should be marked by the distinctive features of the service made available in the stated prices in a concise and well-documented format. The quotation may be then mailed in the given address.

You can Download the Free Carpenter Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Carpenter Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Carpenter Quotation Template

Carpenter Quotation Template

Download Carpenter Quotation Template

Quote reference number: __________________ [State the quote invitation number]
To: Name of the carpenter: __________ [Mention the carpenter’s name leading the service group]

Address: _____________________________ [Mention valid mailing address]

Fax number: ________________________________ [Provide full fax number]

License number: ______________ [State the number under which it is licensed]

From:Name of the hiring company: ______________ [Mention the name of the company]

Address: ______________________________ [Mention the full address]

Fax number: ___________________________ [Provide the fax number]

Service quotation: [Provide a precise description of the scope of work]

Name of service


Description of work

1. False-work
2. Finishing
3. Cabinetmaking
4. Installation
Price quotation: [Provide an outline of the costs for each task assigned under the respective domains]
Labour Requirements (in number)

Material Requirements

Total Costing (in $)

Total: _________ [Mention the full amount to be paid]
Service rules: [Enumerate the operational conditions of the prospective contract]