A case study must indicate the nature of research being conducted, the specificities of that particular case, and the nature of interrogation as well as the inferences drawn from the case study. Thus a case study template must keep these considerations in mind.

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Sample Case Study Presentation Template

Case Study Presentation Template

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Nature of case being examined: _________________________________________________

Topic or field of study: ________________________________________________________

[Fill in the necessary details]

Reasons for choosing this particular case as an instance of the study being conducted: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the reasons why this particular case has been chosen as an apt exemplar of the topic in question]

Kind of research conducted: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Fill in details of the kind of study conducted, the materials of research and external sources used]

Inferences drawn: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the conclusions arrived at and the process by which these inferences have been drawn]

The advantages of using a case study: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Outline the knowledge you have gained from using a specific case study]